What if a good dying
is like going home?

AGoodDying.com offers comfort in normalizing and personalizing experiences at the end of life through quotes, prayers, and information.

A Good Dying is offering comfort around the often challenging subject of dying and death. It is a subject easily associated with deep feelings. With painful experiences. With being an uncharted territory.

When we are facing these challenges, quotations from wise ones can bring us the comfort of short insights. Sometimes through glimpses into a new perspective. Sometimes through news vistas. This collection of quotes offers comfort through looking at death and dying from a variety of angles.

Prayer can bring us the comfort of words spoken by many before us. Calming words shaped by many beliefs and religions. Familiar words heard so often in similar circumstances. Soothing words about going home. Click here for a journey into the comfort of prayers from all over the world.

On this site you will also find a comforting description of the last stages in this often unknown landscape called dying. Click here to follow Emma's story into her dying.

May we all find the comfort of an easier end to our precious lives.

My name is Ulla Mentzel. I love to help those in need to let go of their fears of dying and of death. I love to do this for the simple reason, that I believe that it is so easy to miss out on enjoying this glorious life here on Planet Earth as long as we have any fears about its end. For me the end of our physical bodies is always a way to go home. A coming home.

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As Easy as a Dying Flower?

Below is an short movie of a hibiscus flower dying. What a graceful dance the death of this flower is! I would love to dance into my last breath like that. Just like that.

For a few minutes right now, let's send light:
  • to everyone being on the road of dying,
  • to all the family members, caregivers, nurses, social workers and doctors involved in the care of a dying loved one, and
  • to all of us finding the courage to feel inspired to prepare ourselves for the certainty of our own dying.

    Let's breathe in... slowly...

    Let's breathe out... slowly...

  • Sunsets and Dying

    A few words about the sunset pictures on this site. I offer this picture of a sunset as a start. For our exploration into a good dying (a part of this particular picture is a reminder on top of every page). For our journey together.

    Have you ever wondered about the nature of sunsets? What really is a sunset?

    Home Page Sunset

    When we are watching a sunset, are we really watching the sun setting?

    Our so called "sunsets" are opportunities to watch the earth move. What we do see is the horizon slowly moving towards and across the sun.

    The sun does not move.

    At least in relation to the earth. Instead, we as part of the earth move. We actually slowly move backward, if we are looking at the sun.

    To me our perception of a good dying is just like our perception of a sunset. We do not die. Even though it looks and feels like it. Only our bodies die. A part of us lives on.

    Life is a great sunrise.
    I do not see why death
    should not be
    an even greater one.

    - Vladimir Nobokov -

    Another video: What will matter

    Here is a beautiful video offering yet another perspective on the phenomenon called dying:

    About This Site

    I applaud all of us for the courage to explore this uncharted territory. For the willingness to go the distance. For the attempt to enjoy the journey.

    By the way, I found most of the photographs on Flickr.com through a special search engine called Creative Commons. Click on any image to find out more about the artists.

    This website is dedicated to the exploration of all aspects concerned with death and dying. I am therefore consciously choosing to use the words "death" and "dying" instead of more common euphemisms like "passing" etc. For an insightful discussion of the various euphemisms and their origins, click here.

    Life is but a journey
    Death is a returning home.

    - Chinese proverb -

    ~~~~~ Thank you for visiting this site! ~~~~~

    Table of Contents

    Prayers For the Dying: A Multi-Cultural Journey Through the Major Religions
    Prayers for the dying can be such a comfort at the end of life: for the dying ones and their family members, as well as friends and caregivers.
    Quotes About Death
    These Quotes about Death present a carefully selected collection of inspiring and insightful quotations on death and dying.
    Physical Stages of Dying: Months, weeks, days and hours before death occurs
    Explore the various physical stages of dying to help us feel better prepared and less afraid of dying. Let Emma's Story take us gently into a journey through these stages.
    Invite me as Professional Inspirational Speaker
    Invite me as a professional inspirational speaker using multimedia presentations and performance art to inspire a fresh and intimate look at what dying can mean for us today.
    Fullness No Matter What: Juicy Living From The Inside Out
    Fullness is when our cup runneth over and we give back where inspiration guides us, passion points us, and help is needed.
    About Ulla!
    About Ulla! tells you how being a hospice caregiver, a trained hospice volunteer, plus a lifetime of various experiences have prepared me well to be the passionate creator of these pages.
    Contact Ulla!
    If you want to contact Ulla to send a question, feedback, or testimonials, this is the place.
    Expressing Gratitude
    Expressing gratitude is so appropriate here, as I could not have created this website without a whole team of willing supporters, friends and family, both here on earth and in the ethers around me.
    Community Links
    On Community Links there is room to connect with both local and internet resources supporting and enriching all that A Good Dying has to offer.

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