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Ulla Mentzel, M.A.

I am a performance artist and an inspirational speaker. My subject is the luminous side of death and dying. My audience is anyone ready to see death and dying in a different light.

It feels like the right time to look at this inevitable event with fresh eyes. To explore new ways of experiencing our own dying and that of our loved ones.

For many years I worked as a private caregiver for both home health and hospice. I am also a trained hospice volunteer and a lay chaplain. When I "accidentally" was present the day one of my clients died, I knew I had found my calling.

Lucky me! I have lived a life filled with a wide range of experiences, both personal and professional. It has been very rich in contrasts: from high-tech entrepreneur to poet, from spiritual book writer to teacher of various arts, from home and office organizer to hospice caregiver, and lots more in between.

I was born in Angola, Africa, in 1955 and spent my first 6 years on a coffee and tobacco plantation in the middle of the African nowhere. After that I was raised in Germany by German parents and was a high school exchange student for a year in Iowa.

I studied English literature and American history at the University of Freiburg in Germany, and received an MA in American Literature from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

I am available as an inspirational speaker
about all aspects of death
including the luminous side of dying
for both US and international events.
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In Germany, I lived in Berlin for 10 years before the Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989. A year later I moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii, interestingly when Berlin was not an island anymore... I then spent 12 years raising my kids in the Bay Area, and 8 years in Ashland, Oregon working as a care giver and being an artist.

I currently divide my time between living in Germany, Mexico, and West Coast of the USA.

I absolutely love to go for long walks on the ocean or along a creek, dance my socks off, create mandalas, join a drumming circle, and sing chants and mantras.

If you would like to contact me, click here.

Yes we designed a life
To birth a knowing
Called for in times of need
And we created me
The human vessel to live here
On earth and as a fellow being
Right in the midst of all

I lived the life that we foresaw for me
And I became the woman
We wanted me to be
With every grace and scar in place
Through which the knowing
Has been birthed and shaped
Into a perfect jewel
So that the seeing in the light
Turned into knowing here on earth

- Ulla Mentzel -


Ashland Community Hospital Hospice Bereavement & Volunteer Coordinator

I met Ulla two years ago when she walked into my office at Ashland Hospice and said with absolute clarity she was here to be a hospice volunteer. She appeared calm and steady within and soon demonstrated this equanimity with all she met - staff and clients alike.

She has modeled for all here how to hold space for others while allowing and accepting all energies and emotions present. Her loving and compassionate presence, dedication and constancy are enduring traits that I admire greatly. No one is the same after meeting and loving Ulla!
~ Cynthia Meilicke, MS, CT, Ashland, OR

A Great Source of Inspiration and Knowledge

I LOVE your wonderful website, dear Ulla! I'm passing it on to my hospice volunteers. It's a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

Keep it up! Your wonderful energy is encouraging and inspiring.

Lots of love,
~ Melissa Bowers, Chaplain, Johnson County Hospice, Warrensburg, MO

Beautifully Done Website

Beautifully done website--beautiful pictures, great poetry and respectful blending of the religious cultures. Beautiful job!

Your artwork shines.

I wish you the very, very best for approaching a subject often taboo. May many folks be drawn to this site to get their answers and find some peace around the natural event: Dying.
~ Jenice McAlevy, Vilcabamba, Equador

Thank you so much...

for caring for our mother this month. Mother and the family all appreciated your warmth and compassionate care. Please feel free to use me as a reference whenever needed.
~ April Kincaid, Ashland, Oregon

Caring for my Mom

Words fail me. Thank you so much for your compassionate care of my Mom. Thank you for staying with me at the end - you were my rock.
~ C. B., Talent, OR

Grateful for Your Loving Care

We shall never forget your loving care of our mother G. and your support for her husband B. and our family. Thank you especially for encouraging B. to share his memories with you. It was very healing for him.

You are very gifted in this work and we feel blessed that you were a member of our team.
~ Ashland, OR

Ulla is a joyful, compassionate teacher

who has the ability to inspire one's confidence, and impart knowledge and wisdom that can be life changing. Priceless!
~ Annie Oueillette, Hospice Care Giver, Ashland, OR

Ulla's creativity knows no bounds...

in her art, in her friendships, in her writing and in her ability to hold such an inspiring and loving space for anyone wishing to BE more in their life. I have been deeply blessed time and again with her radiant clarity and gentle, love-filled guidance.
~ Susan G. - Grace In Motion

Ulla's ground breaking work

with the living and dying is deep and inspirational. I've known Ulla for almost 10 years as a dear friend and colleague.

She is combining her huge heart and dynamic intellect in creating exceptional resources for supporting the journey of those facing the end of their current journey on earth. Her healing energy flows abundantly and naturally, and is a huge gift to all she touches.
~ Howard Woodwind Morningstar, MD, Family physician & herbalist, Ashland, OR


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