My Book
Fullness No Matter What:
Juicy Living From The Inside Out

Fullness is when our cup runneth over and we give back where inspiration guides us, passion points us, and help is needed.

fullness, juicy, ulla mentzel, fullness nomatter what, This book was conceived and written as a practical resource for anyone ready to experience more joy in everyday life.

It is designed to help us to find more and expansive levels of pleasure in our lives. It makes it easy to celebrate the attitude of gratitude towards everyone and everything. Most importantly, it easily let's us see the funny side of just plain living.

By the way, I believe that if we should find ourselves stranded on a desert island with only one book, Fullness No Matter What just might make that somewhat challenging situation exciting and pleasurable, possibly even meaningful.

This feat is accomplished by offering a complete journey through twelve major aspects of fullness. I expanded the traditional seven Chakras (or energy centers) of the body into twelve aspects by adding both hands and feet and a couple centers outside the body.

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Every fullness aspect (or chapter) is described featuring all of the following modalities:
  • ART: a mandala created by me for each aspect using sacred geometry;

  • POETRY: one of my poems;

  • BODY: various exercises offering experiences in and through the body;

  • MIND: concepts, ideas tools and techniques relevant to each aspect;

  • SOUL: inspirational messages, insights and poems;

  • MORE: books, book reviews, videos, websites, etc.
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    If you want to order "Fullness No Matter What", the book was self published in 2005 and is available through Amazon. Just click on the link below and it will be printed specially for you (this is called printing on demand):

    Excerpt from the Introduction

    mandala, loving, scratch board

    Let me invite you on a journey into a realm I call fullness. Allow me to help you into my open horse carriage. I am inviting you for a tour of this magical realm which is very real.

    This realm is both far, far away and just around the corner. It feels both very familiar and utterly strange.

    We can spend a whole lifetime (and if you believe in reincarnation - many, many lifetimes) searching for it and never finding it. And we can stumble across its entryways all of a sudden and fall into it totally unexpectedly.

    We have all come from this realm, and eventually will return to it. Even though this is an invitation into an exploration of possibly new realms, it might feel as if we already know this realm. Know it very well.

    When we get there, it might feel as if we have finally come home. And yet, we might be feeling just as excited as if we saw it for the first time. laughter, mandala, scratch board For me this journey into my own fullness has been and still is a precious experience.

    This journey has asked me to tear down most of the structures I had created for myself. Structures I have created to find shelter from the winds of change blowing through my life.

    It has asked me to slaughter every single "holy cow" of belief, identity and direction I have been trying to hold on.

    It has led me to into some of the darkest moments of my life. Moments without a sense of ever being able to return. It also has brought me much joy and peace and so much laughter in the oddest situations. All of this combined with a sense of purpose and fulfillment I could hardly dream possible.

    Pleasure and Fullness

    pleasure, mandala, scratch board

    One caveat about the treatment of pleasure:

    This book was written in my Tantric phase. I had been teaching classes in Sacred Sex for women, men and couples for a couple of years. (Leave it to a Scorpio to dive deeply into both sex and death).

    Each chapter therefore contains two pleasure exercises: One designed for solo exploration, the other for partnered practice. There is even a whole chapter on pleasure and its role in spiritual explorations.

    In this book I wrote about pleasure using words that honor sexuality and pleasure as a vital life force rather than using the more familiar medical or slang terms. To me pleasure in all its forms is like precious jewelry in its most lustrous.

    In our Western culture we have good books on spirituality and consciousness, and good books on sexuality and consciousness. But we do not have any books that bring both aspects together under one cover. And that is the kind of book I wanted to write.

    If you feel uncomfortable reading a book on spirituality that is interlaced with pleasure exercises, this book might not be for you.


    Come draw me out on widespread wings
    As far and fast as I can stretch
    Come pull on me in all directions
    I want to be expanded to the fullest
    Into an arch so high and far
    It reaches all the way into oblivion

    And when there is just no more reaching
    When every nerve and sinew says no no
    When arching stretches further than I dare
    When pain and pleasure become one
    Then split me open all the way into infinity

    - Ulla Mentzel -

    mandala, ulla mentzel, scratch board

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