My Professional Credentials

Take a look at my professional credentials as a TA at UMass, co-founder of “tech-writers” in Germany and workshop facilitator at Ullala Coaching.

ulla mentzel,

For most of my professional life I have woven in and out of standing (or sitting) in front of a group of people. I do enjoy being a presenter and a facilitator, teacher, or workshop leader in front of both large crowds of people or small intimate sharing circles.

Teaching Assistant

It all started in 1979 with being hired as a teaching assistant without any teaching experience whatsoever. The director of the Communication Skills Center at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst seemed to have a had a sixth sense for knowing what was in me. She hired me, gave me a book to teach from and said: "Your class starts next week."

And she was right. I took to teaching like a bird to flying. I loved it.

I very quickly realized that I could not teach anything to anyone, if they themselves were not already motivated to learn. Thus my biggest job was to motivate my students. One way to do that was to stay motivated myself. So I experimented. I tried out various approaches. I had fun.

I ended up teaching a variety of communication skills and English 101 classes over the course of 3 years.


Weizaecker, Felix Mentzel, Ulla Mentzel

In 1983 I stumbled into becoming an entrepreneur in the first high-tech park in Germany, called "Berliner Innovations- und Gruenderzentrum". The start-up was called "tech-writers" and my partner Silke Becker and I specialized in writing handbooks for computer programs designed for computer novices.

Nine months later I gave birth to my son Felix, and ended up becoming a media phenomenon as "the Woman Who Can Do It All". The German media loved the combination of the first high tech park, a woman-only run company, and giving birth to a baby as an entrepreneur.

ulla mentzel, silke becker, tech writers, Berliner Innovations und gruenderzentrum,

I ended up being invited to all kinds of women's conferences, technology fairs, and discussion forums. Just because I had a baby and founded a company at the same time.

I quickly realized that all this media attention had less to do with me as a person and more with me as a representative for a new phenomenon as it this was 1984 we are talking about.

This time I learned how to speak in front of all kinds of audiences, and how to express myself in all kinds of circumstances.

Ullala Coaching

In 2003 I moved to Ashland, Oregon after having lived in the Bay Area north of San Francisco for 12 years. Once again fortuitous circumstances put me on the map as a teacher, this time offering Sacred Sex classes and private sessions for women, men and couples for a few years, calling it Ullala Coaching.

I had spent many years exploring sexuality and sensuality in the Bay Area through classes and workshops, both as a participant and as an assistant. I felt highly motivated to pass on some of the insights and techniques I had learned that had made my life so much richer and fuller.

Below is a short video of a presentation on Sacred Sex I gave at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library:

If you want to see more of where my adventuresome life has taken me over the years, check out my professional profile on LinkedIn (you need to be a member to see the profile).

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