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Professional Inspirational Speaker

Invite me as a professional inspirational speaker using multimedia presentations and performance art to inspire a fresh and intimate look at what dying can mean for us today.

I am a performance artist, a writer and an inspirational speaker. My subject is the luminous side of death and dying. My audience is anyone open to seeing death and dying in a different light.

If you have taken a look at this site, you might have noticed that I have a lot to say about death and dying (and I am not done yet). I have a passion for the subject of dying, as it feels like it is one of the last frontiers to reclaim.

To me the time around a person's death is like a gate into a different world. An opportunity to grow and expand very rapidly. A possibility for big changes in a short time. This can occur both for the person facing death as well as all of those involved in the care of a dying person.

I love to take that knowing into conferences, workshops and other speaking opportunities all over the world and to all age groups. We need a new and different way to look at dying. And I have a few ideas about that...

Click here to watch a few short video clips of what I have to offer as a professional inspirational speaker.

In the night of death,
hope sees a star,
and listening love
can hear the rustle of a wing.

- Robert Ingersoll -

Groups I Can Speak To
Subjects I Can Speak About

I have put together a list of the various talks I can offer as a professional inspirational speaker for different groups and interests:

1) For all of us willing to experience a both fresh and ancient perspective about our own dying:

“Dying: The Most Irresistible Offer”
Exploring the spiritual dimensions of dying through guided journeys, multimedia (art, poetry, music), evocative insights and time for questions and answers.

“Where Do We Go When Our Bodies Die”
Exploring a series of "What if's" around a number of belief systems concerning life after death

2) For baby boomers facing the dying of our parents:

“How Do I Let You Go?”
How to be supportive of our parents' path into their very own dying, even if it looks very different from what we would want for ourselves

“Fundamentals of Care Giving for the Dying”
How to be present for the dying of our parents and elders so that all of us can have the opportunity to experience both its beauty and its power to transform

3) For women caring for loved ones who are dying:

“How Do I Care For You While My Heart Is Breaking?”
Women are the main caregivers for the dying in our families, and thus face a series of challenges that I like to address through a fresh perspective

4) For anyone facing the dying of a loved one:

“How Do I Love Thee Even Now? ”
I offer a journey into the challenges of giving support to a dying loved one while facing our own loss and grieving and the opportunity inherent in that challenge

5) For teenagers in high schools and teen centers:

“Is Suicide Really A Way Out? What happens when we die, and where do we go”
A conversation about various aspects of dying between the students and me with lots of room for questions and answers

6) For volunteers contemplating offering their time to hospice services:

“I Never Knew Dying Could be That Inspirational”
Being a hospice volunteer offers opportunities for both self-reflection and reaching out to those in need of our willingness to care.

7) A non-denominational spiritual perspective for various gatherings, spiritual centers and non-denominational churches:

“Intimacy with Dying”
A multimedia presentation using poetry, images, artwork and music

8) For music festivals, Tantric celebrations and relationship workshops:

“Making Love and Dying: Two Most Irresistible Offers”
This experiential workshop allows me to interweave sensuality and dying in a most delicious and inspiring way through breath work and guided imagery

9) You have an idea for a presentation about death and dying and I see what I can come up with

Click here to check out my credentials as a professional inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator.

Below are a few short videos of various presentations I have given over the years.

Brilliant Leaves: Luminous Poems About Dying, Version 1

Here is a video showing the first public reading of my poems about dying. It is luminous (shining, bright) poetry that speaks more about "going home" and "returning to the light" than the more conventional aspects of loss and grief associated with death.

I wrote these poems while I worked as a caregiver for hospice clients, most of them in the presence of someone dying.

This particular video was shot during my 55th birthday celebration... thus the dress-up!

Fullness - What's It All About

In 2005 I wrote and self-published a book called: "Fullness No Matter What: Juicy Living from the Inside Out". Below is a public talk I gave about the joy of writing this book.

If you want to order "Fullness No Matter What", the book is available through Amazon. Just click on the link below:

An Introduction to Sacred Sex

I used to teach classes in Tantra or Sacred Sex, as I called it. Below are a couple of excerpts from a public talk I gave in 2003.

Treasures Buried

Who's been telling us of treasures buried
in endless moments shortened by dying
blossoming easily into the farthest reaches
way way beyond a dreamer's calling

Who's been showing us the simple pleasures
of speaking goodbyes to our loved ones
and gazing into their eyes one more time
offering us loving peace as vast as oceans

- Ulla Mentzel -

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