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These quotes about death offer inspiring and insightful thoughts and feelings on death and dying.

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sunset, north pole, moon Dying and death in our modern times and in our Western culture are such a mystery. Many of us are not quite sure how to deal with this mystery.

How can something so certain as in "our bodies are all going to die" be surrounded with so much uncertainty as in "how, when, where etc. are we going to die".

Quotes and quotations can offer us a variety of handles. Handles on a mystery. Handles on a puzzle. A puzzle which seems to have lost its assembly instructions. Or the instructions are in a language that we don't understand.

To me quotes about death help to provide the lost handle. The unreadable assembly instructions. Without needing to read volumes of books. Without needing to take weeks of workshops.

A few quotes can feel my soul. Can life my spirits. Can soothe my heart. And let me breathe more easily.

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Somebody should tell us,
right at the start of our lives,
that we are dying.
Then we might live life to the limit,
every minute of every day.
Do it! I say.
Whatever you want to do, do it now!
There are only so many tomorrows.

- Pope Paul VI, 1897-1978 -

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Because I can no longer ignore death,
I pay more attention to life.

- Treya Wilber -

Our greatest prejudice is against death.
It spans age, gender and race.
We spend immeasurable amounts of energy
fighting an event that will eventually triumph.
Though it is noble not to give in easily,
the most alive people I've ever met
are those who embrace their death.
They love, laugh and live more fully.

- Andy Webster -

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Normally we do not like to think about death.
We would rather think about life.
Why reflect on death?
When you start preparing for death
you soon realize
that you must look into your life now...
and come to face the truth of your self.
Death is like a mirror
in which the true meaning of life
is reflected.

- Sogyal Rinpoche -

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While I thought
that I was learning how to live,
I have been learning how to die.

- Leonardo da Vinci -

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Quotes for Funerals

funeral, shoes

One way to use these quotes about death is to share them at funerals, memorials and celebrations of live.

When a loved one has died, especially if it was unexpected and sudden, it can leave a hole. An empty space. A gap.

It can also leave us with ragged edges. Wounded hearts. Tattered nerves. Broken promises. Unfinished business. Lonely beds. Heavy burdens. Empty arms.

Quotes about death at memorials and funerals can help mend these wounds. Help heal the rifts. Ease the burdens. Lighten the load. Soothe the hearts.

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The question is not
whether we will die,
but how we will live.

- Joan Borysenko -

He is the happiest man
who can see the connection
between the end and the beginning of life.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -

If I think more about death than some other people,
it is probably because I love life more than they do.

- Angelina Jolie -

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.

- Mohandas Gandhi -

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I personally love quotes and quotations. They work in wondrous ways for me:

  • They help me integrate and remember insights I cherish.
  • They remind me of what is really important in these days of changes.
  • They make me smile when I most need it.
  • They stop me in my tracks when I am unconsciously chugging along on well trodden path.
  • They simply inspire me to be more: more joyful, more loving, more grateful, more active, more relaxed, more at ease. More of who I came here to be.

    For years I have used them as a means to recognize and capture the essence of a given thought or feeling.

    When I find a quote that works for me, I print it out and decorate it. Then I post it in places I look at often.

    Here are some examples:

  • on my car's steering wheel,
  • over my kitchen sink,
  • next to my toilet,
  • over my office desk, and
  • right next to my bed.
  • Quotes offer me solace in times of stress or grief. They cheer me up in moments of sadness. They keep me on track in times of doubt.

    And most importantly, they offer me glimpses now of the world I am dreaming of.

    sunset, north pole, moon

    Because I have loved life,
    I shall have no sorrow to die.

    - Amelia Burr -

    Have the courage to live.
    Anyone can die.

    - Robert Cody -

    sunset, north pole, moon

    Quotes About Death Come in Many Flavors

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    Handrails into a world of deeper meaning. That is what I call quotes and quotations. Forgiveness quotations are one of those handrails.
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    Comfort and Sympathy Quotations
    Comfort and sympathy quotations invite us to do something different. To look at life's challenging events in a new way. Especially when our minds would like to stay in the old worn out grooves.
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    Rest in Peace Quotes: Celebrate Dying
    Celebrate dying? You must be kidding... How can we celebrate dying? There is so much pain. So much suffering. Some of us might come to this page with these thoughts. And they are true. But they are only one side of the spectrum.
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    Sad Quotes: Grief and Sorrow
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    Gratitude and Thank You Quotes
    I believe there is one thing we all can use as many reminders as possible. This one thing is gratitude.
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    Quotations About Tears
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    Fear Quotations About Dying
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    Spiritual Quotes About Dying
    When we want to reach out to the perceptions about death and dying which are the most expanded. Then spiritual quotes can give us these expanded glimpses. Glimpses into a parallel universe full of light and ease and joy.
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    Irreverent and Hilarious Quotations About Dying
    OK, granted, for most of us death and dying are sad and possibly depressing subjects. Partly because we associate them with loss and sorrow. Partly because we don't know much about these particular subjects.
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