Spiritual Prayers
for the Dying

Spiritual prayers for the dying offer comfort through the voices of spirit guides speaking to us filled with wisdom from the other side of the veil.

African | Buddhist | Christian | Hindu | Islamic
Jewish | Native American | Pagan/Wiccan | Tibetan

lightning, sky, dark Those of us who have found our very own path to Spirit, Source, God, All That Is often have a very private way of connecting to that which is larger than us.

The term "spiritual" here is a catch all term for a wide range of highly individualized and often personal ways of connecting to the Divine.

We often feel/sense a direct connection to that Divine. That direct link permeates our whole life and often carries us through the day filled with a soft glowing joy.

We often have had experiences early in life, some more dramatic, some more expansive, that color our existence here on Earth. We often have an easy access to that which lies beyond the Veil.

The Veil of forgetting who we truly are. The Veil of who we came here to be. The Veil of what our purpose in life is.

The Veil between the world to be experienced by our five senses and the world beyond these senses. A world outside of our normal realms of perception. A world deeply known within yet without doubts.

Things like reincarnation, psychic phenomena, spirit guides, communication with the dead, near death experiences, mystic states of being are real to us. As real as the tree in a forest. As real as the moon and the stars. As real as our hands and feet.

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We often find ourselves uplifted by information in form of spiritual prayers from that other side of the veil. As a reminder who we are when we are not here on Earth. Who we are when we are asleep. Who we will be again, when our bodies die.

Spiritual prayers for the dying often invite us to remember that information. For both the ones leaving their bodies as well as their loved ones staying behind. To fully enjoy this life here on Earth as there is no death of the soul.

To remember that all is well. That well being is always available. That life is a joy exactly as it is. That all is not as it seems.

galaxy, lights, swirl, light

I invite you to enter for a moment
into Sacred Time and Space,
into a way of seeing
that is broad and spacious.

See this Day,
from the time you arose this morning
until you sleep this evening,
as one Ceremony,
divided into small and familiar rituals.

Your Heart as the Altar.
You, part of the Cycles of Light and Darkness.

Now begin to see your Life,
from the moment of your Conception
until the time of your Death
as one long, continuous Ceremony,
filled with many rituals,
some familiar, some unknown and challenging.

Your Home and all Your Relations as the Altar.
You, part of many Seasons and Cycles.

Now see this Ceremony of your Life
as part of a much larger Ceremony that extends
Seven Generations into the Past
and Seven into the Future,
made up of many Births and Deaths.

This beautiful spinning Earth as the Altar.
You, part of the great Ebb and Flow.

Now, if You will, imagine this larger Ceremony
to be but one part of a Ceremony so grand,
so magnificent as to be hardly comprehensible,
a great, vast Ceremonial Circle,
rich and vibrant
with millions upon millions
of swirling Circles of Dancing Light.

You, one of those Dancing Circles,
a Dancer on the Altar that is the Universe,
where Time is Eternal.

May You Dance In Beauty.

- Circle Wisdom -
- Sedonia Cahill -


light, berry, berries, twig, branch

I know who is here,
and I know who you are,
and I speak to your heart:

There is no such thing as death.
It is a transitioning energy.
The most enduring and profound thing
on the planet can never be destroyed.
It is love.
Yet you feel somehow that it is gone.
But it is not, for that loved one
who is gone is still here.
All they have done is
to move between the veil and you.

The dreams that you are having
about them are real;
the messages that you’ve received
are real,
and these loved ones are
here in spirit this night.
They sit next to you and
they cry out to you and they say:

“Do not go into sorrow
for I am here
for the rest of your life.”

- Kryon -
- As channeled through Lee Carroll -
- www.kryon.com -

Intimacy with Dying

In caring for your body
Through the final days
Of your earthly journey
This time around

I am being invited to gently
Fall into loving joyfulness
So sweet and yet so mundane
In the presence of your dying

In softly caressing
Your wizened face
More and more turning
Into just skin and skull

I am seeing luminous beauty
Radiating out way beyond
Your facial features
Surrendering into death

In anointing your whole body
Tenderly with aromatic oils
Caressing this human form
Ravaged by aging and time

I am sensing your beingness
Illuminating all the spaces
Between skin and bones and
Filling them with pure pleasure

In having a candle lit
All through the night
Of your slow passing
Into death’s realm

I am being sanctified
With your light waves
Enshrouding all of me
In glistening aliveness

In offering my voice
Singing lullabies and chants
To your wandering mind
Slowly moving on and out

I am being gently bathed in
Delightful vibrations passing
Through your dying form
Into the core of my beingness

In bringing aromatic essences
Into your chamber of death
In all their pungent, sweetening
And deeply soothing qualities

I am wrapping death’s stinger
Like feathery wings around me
Soaring high and surprisingly alive
On the intimacy of death and dying

In loving you and celebrating
Your letting go into death’s arms
I am graced with being birthed
Breathtakingly into more living

- For Bessie and Paul -
- Ulla Mentzel, M.A. -

galaxy, light,

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May [*] return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men --
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.

[*] In Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Spiritual translations of the Great Invocation, the name of the Coming One is spoken as Christ, Lord Maitreya, Krishna, the Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, and We.


light, sun, clouds

Now I am experiencing
the Clear Light
of objective reality.

Nothing is happening,
nothing ever has happened
or ever will happen.

My present sense of self,
the voyager,
is in reality the void itself,
having no qualities or characteristics.

I remember myself as the voyager,
whose deepest nature
is the Clear Light itself;
I am one;
there is no other.

I am the voidness of the void,
the eternal unborn,
the uncreated,
neither real nor unreal.

All that I have been conscious of
is my own play of consciousness,
a dance of light,
the swirling patterns of light
in infinite extension,
endless endlessness,
the Absolute beyond change,

I, the voyager,
am inseparable
from the Clear Light;
I cannot be born,
die, exist, or change.

I know now
that this is
my true nature.

- Clear Light Prayer -
- E.J. Gold: American Book of the Dead -


light, mountains, hills, view, orange, soft

There are those
who feel such fulfillment of life
and such Connection to Source Energy,
who understand
that there is no separation
between what is physical
and Non-Physical;
who understand that there is
not even a lapse in consciousness,
that "death" is a matter of
closing one's eyes
in this dimension and
literally opening one's eyes
in the other dimension. The re-emergence into Source Energy
is always a delightful thing.

- Abraham -
- As Channeled Through Ester Hicks -
- From a workshop in Buffalo, NY 25SEP2001 -


mermaid, crown, lights, flower, petals

If only the mind would release its hold,
your hearts would have no difficulty
in embracing every aspect of the human journey.
You see, dear Ones, you sit squarely
in the center of All-That-Is and nothing,
absolutely nothing, can remove you from that spot.

"What of death?" asks fearful mind.
"Death is the end, there is no more."

But, dear mind, from the center of Now,
all things are ever-present.
The drama of life
allows for the experience
of birth and death,
but the curtain of illusion falls readily
and the actors leave the stage and continue on.

If this be not so,
then what of the miracle of spring?

- Emmanuel -
- As Channeled Through Pat Rodegast -


Let it all be said a thousand ways.
There is no need to fear anything.
If only that could be inscribed in
the core of your beings in this human endeavor
there would be no more suffering of any kind,
neither self-inflicted
nor through the chaos of another.

Look to the Light
when you find yourself in darkness.
Look to your 'remembering'
when the shadows of forgetting fall upon you.

There IS another reality
far more benign and
of far greater capacity
to create kindness and mercy
than your minds can as yet allow.

Be patient. Be at Peace. We are with you.

- Emmanuel -
- As Channeled Through Pat Rodegast -


African | Buddhist | Christian | Hindu | Islamic
Jewish | Native American | Pagan/Wiccan | Tibetan

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