The Story of My Book

This is the story of how my Fullness book was written and some of the gifts it brought to me.

gratitude, mandala, scratch board This book basically wrote itself. Here is the story of its genesis:

In May 2004 I had to move out of the living situation I was in. No matter what I was putting out, I was not making enough money to afford renting a new place. It was the strangest experience: for four months life had been easy in terms of income.

All of a sudden it changed. No one responded to adds I put out. No one signed up for classes I offered. And no responses to various requests for work in my community. I felt helpless and stuck.

I decided to try something different: I sent out an email asking for a long term house sit. Not wanting to sound too desperate, I said that I planned to write a book (which was not really my plan, just an excuse). An acquaintance of mine responded, offering me a four month house and pet sit on a beautiful rural property. After some internal trials and tribulations I said yes and moved in.

loving, mandala, scratch board

David, my landlord, kept asking me what the book I was writing was about. It was then that I realized that I actually had a book to write.

In August of 2003 I had given a talk at the local Metaphysical Library called: ”Sacred Sex: How to Live a Life from Fullness”. I used the seven Chakras to describe the different aspects of sacred sex.

In October 2003 I had come up with the outline for a book based on that talk. I called the book: ”Joyful Living – Joyful Sex: A Handbook for a Life Lived in Fullness”. Shortly afterward I got lost in a deep personal crisis for about six months, and writing a book about joy was the last thing on my mind.

fullness, mandala, scratch board But when David kept asking me, I took my original outline, expanded it and set out to actually write the book. I seriously started writing on June 23rd, 2004 and for the next 11 weeks immersed myself in the joy of creating, writing, remembering, collecting, and of painting the art pieces. By September 8th I had written the whole book of about 320 pages and also created 21 Mandalas.

All I did, from morning to evening, was work on this book. At night I had to go to bed with pen and paper close to me, as I would often receive the answers to problems I encountered during the day.

What an intense, creative and joyful journey! What an exhilarating process! I came away knowing that I can write about anything and everything that touches me, even though English is not my first language. I only learned to speak it fluently at the age of 18.

I came away knowing that I could focus all my creativity enough to turn it into a book. And I came away in awe of the power of free flowing creativity, knowing that I definitely wanted more of this kind of experience.

What grace!

Come Celebrate With Me

Come celebrate with me
All that there is to live

Come dance with me
Right on the razor’s edge

Come sing with me
Of pain and pleasure
Joy and grief

Come call with me
Into this world
The mighty wind
That fullness brings

Come celebrate with me
Till all we know is gone

- Ulla Mentzel -

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